Terms and Conditions

The following sales and delivery conditions apply to all deliveries from Lenta Bespoke. The conditions apply in the event that no other written agreements have been entered into between you as the buyer and Lenta Bespoke.

We reserve the right to make typing and typing errors.

Also, be aware that it may be difficult to reproduce colors 100% correctly on images.

Lenta Bespoke cannot be held responsible for delays with freight companies.

Payment of goods
At Lenta Bespoke you have the following options for payment.

You can either pay via cash payment at our event, Mobilepay and the option of bank transfer (see more under “bank transfer”).

The item is paid for with Mobilepay when ordering. When purchasing tailor-made items, Lenta Bespoke deducts the amount when surveying and the start of the order.

Bank transfer
If you choose to pay via bank transfer, the money can be transferred via home banking or by going down to the bank and transferring the money. Once the terms and signature have been registered, production is started and the order is thus seen as confirmed. All amounts must be transferred to our bank account in Jyske Bank A / S with the following information: Reg no. 7750 Account no. 1205171. You can also contact us by email: info@lenta.nu or by phone: +45 91481395 or +45 30231304 with questions for your order.

Other form of payment?
If you want to order goods, but want to use a different payment method than described here, contact us at info@lenta.nu or contact us directly on Mobile +45 91481395 and +45 30231304.

Ordered items can be picked up at LENTA IVS, Knabrostræde 1a, st. tv, 1210 København K unless otherwise agreed. If you want delivery to the door, please see under “Shipping surcharge”. delivers to the Faroe Islands, Greenland and abroad, but a somewhat longer delivery time is to be expected, as well as an additional amount for the increased shipping costs.

The delivery time for tailor-made items (suits, shirts and tuxedos) is from min. 30 working days.

For internet trading, see prices under freight surcharge

Shipping surcharge for internet shopping
When ordering our goods, an extra surcharge will be due, to partially cover shipping costs from India to Denmark.

Shipping surcharges are as follows:

As a rule, all goods must be picked up at Lenta Bespoke’s head office at the address: Knabrostræde 1a, st. tv, 1210 København K, unless otherwise agreed.

If delivery is desired to your direct address (only applies to addresses in Denmark), there is a supplement of DKK 49 for suit packages and shirts.

The amount is DKK 29. For purchases that only relate to ties and cufflinks.

(The freight surcharge can never exceed DKK 49)

Shipping to Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands must be expected a freight of DKK 199

Right of withdrawal
By its very nature, we do not grant a right of return on tailor-made goods, as we cannot resell a unique item. However, there is a full right of exchange if:

The color, pattern or cut does not match the selected one.

When buying tailor-made products, it must be expected that an adjustment can be made to the individual product, and this cannot, by its nature, be seen as a right of withdrawal.

On items such as ties and cufflinks and other accessories, we provide a full return right for 14 days from the date of purchase.

Right of complaint
Lenta Bespoke provides a 2-year right of complaint in accordance with the Danish Sale of Goods Act, covering manufacturing and material defects that are found during normal use of the product. The right of complaint does not cover defects, damage, or wear and tear, directly or indirectly caused as a result of incorrect operation, poor maintenance, violence, or unauthorized interventions. Complaints about defects and deficiencies that should be discovered during the usual inspection of the product must be notified to LENTA within a reasonable time. The item can subsequently be returned for repair, replacement, or by agreement if necessary. crediting.

Personal information
Lenta Bespoke is responsible for the processing of personal data that you as a customer provide to us. Your personal information is processed by Lenta Bespoke in order to manage the relationship between us and you as a customer. Neither personal information nor email addresses will be disclosed to third parties.

The personal information you enter during a purchase is used solely for order processing and will not be passed on to others. In addition to the personal information, the IP address is also logged, as well as any link. This information is used exclusively for statistics and in cases of abuse/fraud.

All personal information is stored for 10 years, to facilitate a renewed trade and for the sake of investigation of any. fraud.

In case of an incorrect order
The moment the customer has signed prices & terms, a purchase agreement has been entered into between Lenta Bespoke and the customer. This agreement is binding and cannot be changed. However, if an error has occurred in the order, e.g. the color choice of the clothes is regretted, it is possible to contact us to have the order changed. However, this must be done immediately, as the production of the tailor-made goods begins at the same time as the order is sent to Lenta Bespoke.

Documentation and guidance
If there are product descriptions and user manuals